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Monday, September 19, 2011

Reply: OPEN LETTER TO A DELHI BOY - From an Indian Boy

Last week I got link to blog post "Open Letter to Delhi boy" from one of my colleague in which some south Indian girl has written so much bad things about Delhi Boy and his Punjabi Family. Later some Delhi guy posted on his blog defending himself as good Delhi Boy. Also some other guy or girl posted this against Madrasi Girls post. There may be many more posts like these last week some one told this as racism, some one thinks frustration of guy or girl and there are tons of comments on the original post supporting or not supporting her post.

I want to bring down few things for everyone, whether they are South Indian or North Indian or from Delhi or from Chennai or Punjabi or Madrasi. Stop separation of people based on their location, color or caste. India is one country and we all are just Indian and nothing else and leave this separation limited to politicians.

It is fact that, India is one of the big countries and has many regions based on language people speak, community & caste of people. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, good and evil in them. When you move to some new location why do you look at evil or bad part of it? If you want to highlight weaknesses of people staying in any region from where you doesn't belong to then why do you go there? Why do you highlight on one region speaks better English than another? None of us speak better English then Britishers. Why do you want fight on language which is not at all yours? Why do you want to fight on which kind of cloths a guy or girl is wearing? That is his/his personal choice.

If you go to any part of the world (not just South India or North India) you will be defiantly able to find few people who are racist, oppressor of women or any kind of criminals. All of us should just neglect them and start searching for good things and good people around.

Sorry to everyone if my English is not as good as yours. Also I don't have much time to write big post like others.

Finally, I am an Indian and proud to be Indian and I like all the places and people of India.

Indian Boy

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