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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Once again became bachelor

Hi Friends, I became bachelor once again. Don't get shock by title my wife is out of town for few days to attend marriage.

I once again come closer on internet for social networking sites and started updating my blogs. Yesterday and today I spent my complete time on getting updates from internet, contacting my friends on Orkut, Facebook ... , chatting with colleage and school friends, creating posts on my blog, and most important task sleeping.

Now, I can eat, sleep and wake up any time I wish and sit on internet for whole day for all activities I mentioned above.

Though I am enjoying a lot with all these bachelor activities, I am a missing my wife a lot. It would be tough for me to stay alone for 2 weeks. Hope these will over soon :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Navratri Celebration at Hyderabad

It has been gr8 navratri celebration after along time. We went to Malla Reddy Gardens, Bovanpally, Hyderabad for Navaratri celebration. There we played lot of Garba and Dandia and enjpyed a lot here are some snaps from it.

Hey friends I have created this post in draft but forgot to publish it earlier

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Back to this blog after long time - My UPs and DOWNs

I have stared this blog in 2006, but after posting first post I have not posted any thing new about me on this blog. Though I kept updating my other blogs, I just forgotten about this blog.

Today, I was going through list of my blogs and I remembered that I have not posted updates about myself from long time. So I thought of updating this blog with brief summary of my 2 and half years journey. Here it goes...

As I have mentioned in my previous post I was working with Cyberwerx Software Solutions, Bangalore at that point of time.

that company I left at the end of July 2007 because of I was forced in boring work which I was not supposed to do. And I joined Nevis Networks India Pvt. Ltd. Pune. at Aug 2007. That was also again a great company with Networking products.

At Nevis also I enjoyed working about more than 1 and half year but because of their bad financial condition and less sales they have done pay cut for me which was 20% in Dec 2008. None of the company has done such a heavy pay cut. I was very disappointed by that and I cant decide what to do whether left this job and find other job in such a bad financial situation of IT industry.

I started applying for many companies online, got lot of interview call also I am able to clear the interview wherever I get the call but they wanted to exploit me by knowing I got pay cut so do not wanted to give me hike but they just try to match my original salary at that time.

But finally Nevis again took very bad step and planned layoff and of course my record I can not think of my name could be there. But there was some internal politics of management and because of that my name came in to picture. But the good part was that they give 2 months time. So finally I thought of going to take job in to any company which gives offer first.

And God come to help me and I got offer from BMC software, Pune with the package matching to my previous salary at Nevis after lot of negotiation about package. The work over there is not so good for me, since I was into core development in proctucts and here I need to do level 3 support kind of work.

Then I got offer from LSI Logic, Pune which was also quite similar to offer at BMC only. But here also I need to do new begining with embed system where I was best into java development.

Finally my frined Geet refered me to the company Progress Software Corporation, Hyderabad. And I was able to clear everything over there within a week and at the last week of Feb 2009 I got the offer which was quite higher then all others and work was also in to core Java Product development my favaurite. I just grab this offer and went to hyderabad on March 2009 and Joined Progress Software Corporation.

Today it is more than a month of joinig the Progress Software Corporation. It is really great experience working over here. Here I got one level higher also.

I am currently working on Sonic ESB product of Progress Software Corporation.

Keep visiting this for more updates on me....

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