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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lots Fun with Secret Santa and Santa Leaks :-)

This we had a game in the office called Secret Santa. In this every one picks up a cheat and the name written in the cheat would become Banta and the one who picked up the cheat becomes the Santa for that person. Now the game begins. Santa can give any number hints and gifts to his/her Banta secretly and Banta need to guess his/her Santa.Santa may secretly inquires what his/her Banta wants and gift that thing.

The game itself has lot of fun, still to add more fun to it one of our team mate Vishnu Bobba invented SantaLeaks similar to WikiLeaks. Where any one can leak hints to Banta to help finding his/her Santa.Vishnu invented this to find his Santa, but the that we spread across the company to add more fun for everyone in the game and make the game more enjoyable. Soon there are lot of spam entries started then we started recording source addresses and displaying them. But that would make difficult for the one who want to put some real hints over there.So on public demand Vishnu made them hidden and keep it with us for record and just adding warning that we are recording sources and will revel spammer at the end of the game. And fun started once again, people started adding lots of funny hints like "Your Santa has 2 hands and 2 hands :-)", "Stand up on the desk and see your Santa" etc.

The fun doesn't end with this, people getting gifted some funny things like "Onion", "Apple", "Chilly", "Potato", "Tiny Toy Car" etc. Also many people started misguiding Bantas in the wrong direction so that they can not identify their real Santa. I was also one of them who started misguiding many people. I know who are the Santa of our team mates but kept misguiding them to the wrong Santa and had a lot of fun :-)

After launching the SantaLeaks the next day Vishnu's Santa started harassing him by continuously hacking his SantaLeaks and adding some funny things to it. We also helped Vishnu to come out of the hack and keep SantaLeaks running. Still StantaLeaks become so famous in the entire company such that it got 7000+ hits from 200 people in just 4 days. I also gave hint to Vishnu that the hacker of your SantaLeaks is your Santa.Still he was confused about his Santa, since I was also misguiding him to wrong Santa.

During this fun I got first hint sent by Santa that he is very busy person may be she? from Vijay. I got it that he/she is very senior level person only 4-5 choices left. Now in some time when I went out with my team mates Santa lefts few gifts to me with 2 more hints. Gifts were very nice  a Parker pen, a good luck locket, and a five star chocolate one of my favorite thing :-) I like chocolate very much. And the last 2 hint were very easily points out to our MD Mr. Ramesh, I went to him and thanked him and told that he is my Santa. But he still wants to misguide me that he is not the one like I was doing to others. But I was so sure he told me he is the one and asked me how do I recognized him. I explained the him the same thing. Finally, Vishnu also somehow managed to identify his Santa.

All of us had great fun with Secret Santa and SantaLeaks entire week:-) until the results of actual Santa were reveled on the last day

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